Pumpkin Love

Beth'sAmong the many things that excite me this time of year is going to Beth’s Farm Market in Warren, Maine.

pumpkinspumpkinspumpkinsLinda  078There I am in pumpkin heaven surrounded by more textures and colors of pumpkins and gourds than ever imagined.

Linda  075The hard part is deciding what to get, so I just load my basket with no idea what happens next.

pumpkins/porchAt home, the front porch need a little change from summer to fall and my bounty will fill the bill.

porch/pumpkinsThe good for all seasons wheelbarrow has a new load of pumpkins and gourds that are perfect company for the mums bursting with color.

pumpkins/porchPlants on this little chair are looking a trifle puny, so they are tossed and replaced.  pumpkinsAren’t the textures on these wonderful?  The lighter orange one is called a peanut  pumpkin, and it’s easy to see why.

wreathSome of the small pumpkins could probably be attached to the burlap wreath, but sunflowers seem as much a part of fall as pumpkins and add a bit of contrast to the orange tones.

pumpkins/kitchenPorch finished, still there are more pumpkins, so inside they go

pumpkina/kitchenwhere they nestle happily on the kitchen island. It’s likely they will stay right there through Thanksgiving.  Now, that’s what I call bang for the buck! 

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Falling for Fall Porch Party

Happiness Is

tableDoesn’t it make you happy when you find something you forgot you had?  That’s what happened when I was going through a drawer of textiles and found this tablecloth purchased in Portugal last year.

tableThe primary colors made me happy, and I looked around the house to find things with those same tones.  I found a birdhouse, chickens and sunflowers that became, if not a matching, a complementary centerpiece with a lighthearted feel.

tableNo problem finding accessories that would work.  There are favorite square black plates from Ikea.tableA perfect addition is new black handled and very inexpensive flatware from Maine’s favorite store, Reny’s.  It’s amazing what can be found there!

tableFrom a favorite store in Camden, JoEllen, are these napkins.  They attracted me because they look handwoven.   For those of you who love French country, these would be perfect, but for today they are Portuguese.

tableThey are tucked into a black napkin ring, and at the last minute I added a sprig of parsley.

tableAdding redrimmed thumbprint glasses finished this table.  One thing led to another meaning it took only minutes to do, and just looking at it makes me happy.  Does that make me easy?

lobsterI can’t resist telling you about the delicious lobster quesadillas that were the starters for the evening meal.

lobsterI had a bit of lobster in the fridge and mixed it with corn, tomatoes, parsley and cheese that was placed on a tomato tortilla, topped with a second tortilla and warmed both sides on a griddle sprayed with Canola oil.

salsaThe warmed through tortilla was then topped with salsa

salsamade with tomato, jalapeño pepper, lime juice and a  generous amount of cilantro.  

Here’s where it gets tricky. I’d been so careful to take photos  every step of the way, but when it got to the finished quesadilla, it disappeared before I could snap even one shot!  Oh well, you can use your imagination both for how it looked and how absolutely delicious it was.

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Fall Is……

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s official, fall is here. It is changing leaves, cool morning temperatures and so much more.

 Fall is comfort food,

APPLES  apple picking

pumpkinsand pumpkins.

dirt roadFall is walks on the dirt road

selfie,shadowand casting long shadows.

fall sunsetFall is earlier sunsets of deeper, richer hues,

dahliadahliadahliadahlias and dahlias that take my breath away.

blueberry field, fallFall is blueberry fields wearing their fall colors

bootsand new boots to warm the feet.

cloudsFall is breathing cool, crisp air beneath feathery clouds, and with every breath I am reminded how lucky I am.

 So, how about you, what is fall?

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Out With the Old

Maine houseTwelve years the hubby has complained about this sofa….too low, the seats not deep enough.  True, it wasn’t the most comfortable but, hey, it was a good piece of furniture and you know how hard it is to replace something that isn’t worn out.

Maine houseSo, after years of procrastinating the hubby insisted it was time for the old one to go, and I can’t say I’m all that sorry.

Maine houseAnother sectional replaces the displaced one. Though it is the same dimensions as the other,  it looks much heftier, sits way better and is much easier for tall people to get up from.  A bonus is that it’s good for napping, at least for the hubby.

Maine houseThe same pillows I made for the outed sofa still work, but what I need is for you seasonal decor experts to come and add your magic.  I’m sure there would be lots of fall color and texture!

Maine HouseI’d like to replace the coffee table, but for now I’m thinking a new paint color would do.  Any suggestions?

At least getting rid of the old was a first step, and it sold on Craig’s List in a matter of minutes.  Someone shorter than us appreciated a very good deal!

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Taste of France

Without question, my favorite evenings out are those spent with friends catching up, sharing stories, laughing. A real bonus is when the time together includes enjoying a meal at home where it is quieter, the atmosphere is more relaxed and there’s no rush to get up so someone else can have your spot.

tablescapeThis evening at a friend’s was especially wonderful. It was delightful to be outside beneath clear sky and with a breeze from the bay enjoying a lovely sampling of French cheeses and tapenade. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe hors d’oeuvres were not the only clue to the French inspired dinner that was to come.


Any meal served on this delightful table was going to be a real treat.


I loved the layers of cloth,

flowersand the flowers, hinting of the coming of fall.  They were perfect complements to the colors and textures on the table.

tablescapeThe place settings were a potpourri of color and pattern, each a reminder of the warmth of Provence.  The mercury glass candle holders added a touch of sparkle

tablescapethat when lit cast a soft glow over the table.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI couldn’t resist sneaking a peek in the kitchen to find out what were the tantalizing aromas.  Bouillabaisse was bubbling on the stove, and it was just the kind I like, full of shrimp and shellfish.

cevicheThat by itself would have been enough to satisfy any of us, but the meal began with a delightful mango/shrimp ceviche.  This was a new combination for me, and I loved the subtle sweetness of the mango.  That is a recipe I’m going to have to get to share with you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe bouillabaisse was just as good as it smelled, and for a bit conversation around the table stopped, and all you could hear were moans of pleasure, a sure sign of a successful meal.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Needless to say, our hosts got rave reviews for their culinary skills and for the gift of a very special evening that included having to come in our best interpretation of French attire.  Would you believe the hubby, he who grumbles about anything having to do with costume, won prize for the best?  Go figure!

Tell me, what is your favorite way to spend time with friends?

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