Thanks to the Crab Lady

crab ladyMeet the Crab Lady.

crab ladyShe cleans crab faster than anyone I’ve ever seen and sets out bites to sample.  I try not to be greedy, but the crab is so fresh and sweet that’s a challenge.  Even better, there never seem to be any bits of shell left in the meat.  I had a bad experience with that once so I’m always a little wary of eating crab.

Her crab meat, however, I can’t resist.  Most of the time we eat it with cocktail sauce or mixed with a little mayo for a crab roll, but this time I ventured out and tried my hand at making crabcakes.  All I knew about that is that I like for them to be heavy with crab rather than filled with bread or cracker crumbs, so I began with the crab and added a bit of this and that.

crabcakesFor a first try, they turned out pretty well and weren’t nearly as hard to make as I’d thought  them to be.  If you’re looking for a recipe, perhaps this one will work for you.

1 lb. crab meat

1/4 c. mayonnaise

1 egg

1-2 T. chopped chives

2 T. finely chopped onion

1/2 c. finely ground saltines

a few dashes of Tabasco

Mix all ingredients together and fry in hot oil until browned and heated through.

tablescapeYes, that’s all there is to it, and served over spinach and with a generous summer salad, this recipe made enough for the spontaneous dinner that was enjoyed here.

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From 2 to 4


I enjoy those evenings when it’s just the two of us for dinner.  We eat in the breakfast room at a simple farm table that I bought off the back of a pickup truck several years ago.  It was actually intended for a daughter, but that’s another story and here it stayed.

Rockport HarborEarly evening glimpses of Rockport Harbor and the area of the yard the kids call Beautiful Land make any meal special.

tablescapeNothing fancy about the table which always has a runner with bottles of flowers, a piece of pottery or whatever strikes my fancy on it.

tablescapeColors inspire the dish selection which tonight are simple black plates from Ikea and salad plates found at Goodwill which is always worth a stop to see what treasures are there.  My husband has a propensity for breaking wine glasses so you can bet the ones we use most often were picked up there or at a yard sale for pennies.  Those seem never to break!

tablescapeThis night friends dropped by for a spontaneous hello which turned into dinner.

tablescapeTwo more place settings and a a bottle of our favorite rose and we are ready to share an easy evening with friends.  Luckily there was enough dinner for extras.  I’ll tell you more about that next time so do come back.

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Thursday Favorite Things

Share Your Cup Thursday

Tablescape Thursday


bird feederEvery day I filled the bird feeder with seed, and every day it disappeared without my ever seeing a bird.

chipmunkDetermined to find out what was going on, I sat on the porch, camera in hand, waiting.  It wasn’t long before I saw the culprit that scampered up with ease

chipmunkand filled its cheeks to the brim.

chipmunkOK, said I, that’s enough, and I sprayed the arm to the feeder with WD40 and waited.  What happened next had me in stitches.  No matter how hard the furry little creature tried to scale the arm to the feeder, it slipped and slid.  Ah, I thought, gotcha!  I felt very satisfied until the hubby pointed out that the WD40 would wash off and we needed a more permanent solution.

chipomunkHubby cut a piece from a tin pie plate and inserted it onto the pole. That stymied the chipmunk for about 1/10 of a second

chipmunkand then it hopped right over not to be denied a midmorning snack.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext, the hubby tried attaching a spiked piece that would surely stop the little rascal.

chipmunkNo problem.  The chipmunk danced around the spikes and went right on up the pole.  Now we are really beginning to feel frustrated to continually be outsmarted by an animal no bigger than our hand.

birdThe battle between us and the chipmunk went on for several days with the chipmunk coming out the winner until we found a very simple solution….a new bird feeder that it couldn’t balance on or get into.  Now the seed is enjoyed by our feathered friends and the chipmunks run around on the ground gathering whatever seeds fall on the ground.

Us: 1   Chipmunk: 0


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Waking to a New Day

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWaking to the touch of sunshine that is coming through the porthole on my face is a glorious way to begin another day.


I stretch luxuriously beneath the covers before going on deck to greet the morning.

Bucks HarborIt is so calm boats sit still on the water, and we are surrounded by the beauty that is Buck’s Harbor, one of my favorite places to overnight.  The harbor is protected on one side by an island and on the other by the mainland making it a very safe anchorage.

maizyAfter our first cup of coffee, Maizy is waiting for us to dinghy in so she can have her morning walk.

Buck's HarborAshore is South Brooksville, a sleepy village where much of the activity seems to be at the clubhouse that overlooks the harbor.

Buck's HarborThere is also a general store that offers fresh brewed coffee and baked goods in the morning

Buck's Harborand next door is Buck’s, a restaurant that serves up very tasty dinners.

bucks harborMy favorite place to be when we are here on a Sunday morning is the Methodist church where the minister is a feisty woman with a tattoo on an upper arm.

Bucks harbor For some reason, my eyes always get watery here, maybe because it seems such a right place to be or maybe because again and again I am reminded that Maine is a little piece of heaven and I am so grateful to spend part of my life here.

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And on the Table….

OK, now that we know how to eat lobster, let’s get it on the table!

lobster tableI just found these cute lobster placemats.  What’s great about them is they are paper so no matter how messy they get, they go right into the trash.  The only thing that has to be washed are the napkins or if they are too messy also get thrown away.  It’s easy to replace them as I have on hand lobster themed fabric which I cut  into 18″ squares and hem stitch on the machine.  Making your own napkins is an easy project and much less expensive than buying them.

lobster tableWhenever lobster is served, out come these plates, some round,

lobster tablesome oval but all with a lobster.

lobster tableNo matter how casual the table, I like to have something on its center.  With blooming things so plentiful right now, it’s easy to gather colorful bunches which this time are put in small sprinkler cans.  I’m crazy about containers that require no flower arranging skills!  The burlap wrapped candle holders I happened to find on sale at one of my favorite Camden shops, but they would be so easy to duplicate so go ahead and copy the idea.

lobster tableTo finish the table, I chose these glasses which were found in an antique shop.  They are a little dinted and worn and pack memories of my grandmother.  I’m betting some of you will remember these, too, and how cold they felt in your hand when they were filled with fresh made lemonade or sweet tea.

lobster tableAll done, it’s back to the kitchen to load trays with steamed lobster, corn on the cob and roasted potatoes.  It just doesn’t get any better!

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Tablescape Thursday

Share Your Cup Thursday

On Eating Lobster

I’ve been eating lobster for so many years I can’t remember the first time or if I had a clue how to proceed.  I have a vague memory of cracking the claws with a rock which turned into a real battle!

lobsterWhen we have guests in Maine they are always greeted with a lobster dinner, and quite a few of those folks have never eaten a lobster that wasn’t served lazy style meaning all the hard work was already done.  Now, we don’t do all the work, but we do try to make eating a lobster as painless as possible.

lobsterGenerally, we steam the lobster and when it is cool enough to handle, the hubby snips off the end of the claws and drains the water from them.  Nothing is worse than having retained water splatter all over the place and fill your plate with liquid.

lobsterThen, he lays the lobster flat on its back

lobsterand cuts through the middle of the tail.

lobsterThat makes it very easy to remove the entire tail with one pull of the fork.  So far, so good?

lobsterBy the way, when you’re eating lobster, you don’t want to overlook the little bite that’s in the two outer tail fins.  Just pull them off to find this little surprise that is one of my favorite bites.  Now, that may be something everybody doesn’t know and you will look very expert when someone notices you getting an extra bite!

lobsterIn addition to splitting the tail, the hubby puts a couple of cracks in the claw

lobstermaking it much less of a challenge to remove the tasty morsels that are in the claw and the knuckle.

lobsterSome folks have the patience to pull off the legs and get the meat out of them, but unless the lobster is of some size, say 2 pounds or more, to me it’s not worth the effort.

So, there you have it, at least this is how you’d eat a lobster at our house and we serve it with lots of napkins and lemon juice to rinse your hands with because there’s no way eating a lobster is a tidy process!

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