Something’s in the air…..

……and I think it’s spring!  This morning I woke to  something different.  Was it the sun shining through the window?  Maybe because bright sunshine has been scarce recently, but it was more than that.  I lay there for a few minutes trying to figure it out, and then I knew.  It was bird sounds, not just the familiar dove but a sweet harmony of sound that I haven’t heard for several months.  I looked out the window, and there they were, birds, all sizes, all shapes, all colors.  I quickly grabbed my camera and quietly, or so I thought, eased into the yard hoping to photograph their morning gathering.  Rats, the birds took flight, all but one, a robin so busy pecking at the ground he didn’t even know I was there, at least not for a few seconds.  When he did sense my presence, it was as if he posed, patiently positioning himself so I could get this wonderful picture.

Ah, spring, how I love it!

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