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Houston doesn’t always get a great rap when it comes to weather, and sometimes I think the conditions here are exaggerated purposely.  If everyone knew what a really great city Houston is to live in, there would be even more people here than there are.  Four plus million is quite enough!

If the truth were known, Houston has very tolerable weather seven months out of the year, and no season is better than spring when the temperatures are mild, the sun is shining and everything comes alive, especially the azaleas.

Right now they are blooming profusely making even the most humble setting seem special.

They come is all shades of


white (see the little bee?),


No place are they more lovely than the Museum of Fine Arts where the gardens are as delightful as the art inside the building!

Yes, spring is a breathtakingly lovely time.

Has it arrived for you?

Linked to Favorite Things Saturday and Pink Saturday.  Enjoy!

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18 thoughts on “Browsing Houston

  1. Oh, I wish that I could have azaleas in the garden and not just a pot. What a profusion of stunningly gorgeous color. Your photos are absolutely breathtaking. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday, go visit more azaleas for me!

  2. we are having snow today..I laughed when I read your post. how lovely. I will live through you vicariously today..for the next several days we have cold weather. BUT, the trees are budding so I’m sure after this spell Spring will definitely be on its way…happy Saturday:)
    I saw you commented on Gg’s blog the other day…I love her! glad you found her. she is a sweet friend.

  3. I’ve been oohing and ahhing all over the place. When I see a super thick wall of white azaleas, I gasp! I think they’re my favorites. Houston is indeed gorgeous right now!

  4. If spring means endless rain, wind, flooding, powerlines down, then yes, it’s here!
    One brave little red azalea bush in the corner of the backyard and a perky stand of daffodils outside my kitchen window remind me of what time of year it really is.
    Love those coral azaleas!

  5. Even I, the non-gardener that I am, have a gorgeous flash of almost neon, radiant white across the front of my house. It gives me such a thrill when I drive up that it ALMOST convinces me to plant something that would do so all year. Problem is, I would get picked up by plant protective services for neglect. I will send you a picture of my pretty white display to be sure you see them before they disappear. Sandy

  6. Aren’t azaleas wonderful? We have some dark red ones starting to bloom in our yard here in Georgia, and they are so bright and cheerful! Can’t wait until the pink ones are flowering.

  7. Tha azaleas are just gorgeous!!! How lucky you are!! If I could see mine right now in this 23* weather…I would be thrilled!!
    Yes…Jeanne is a wonderful blogger friend…her site is just remarkable!! Glad you found me too, it’s always nice to find another friend!!

  8. I’ve had the world’s best shrimp poorboy in Houston, while working with Bernina, been to the Houston Quilt Market/Festival for 10 years, know when to fly into which airport.. Houston is a great city! I’ve never been there for the azaleas. thanks for sharing this with us. They are quite lovely and your photos do them justice!

  9. Beautiful azaleas~ yours are ahead of ours! We had a dose a summer for about three days last week with temps in the 80’s…naturally, we were out of town! I have to admit I enjoy the change of seasons, I’m hoping we have a spring this year & not plunge headlong into summer 🙂

  10. Linda, what beautiful photos. I love Azaleas. Ours aren’t blooming yet. You Texans are so funny. Your love your State is fabulous. My sister lived in Tex for about 3 years. She had lived there less than a month when she declared Texas the best state in the country! Thanks so much for linking to Favorite things. laurie

  11. Linda, we missed the azaleas being in Dallas in March and leaving before exploring. Those photos are just beautiful! We are now back in Maine and love experiencing spring TWICE!

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