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I am a fiber artist with special emphasis on weaving, but I love working with threads and cloth in a variety of mediums. New ideas, new ways of connecting threads are the spice of life.

Another Look

tablescapeAs soon as I saw these chargers last week on Must Love Home, I knew I had to have them and was at Michael’s as soon as the doors opened hoping to find them.  Lucky me, not only did I find them, they were on special.

tablescapeWhen I got them home, the first thing I noticed was they were a perfect match for the runner that had been on the table for several days. (No, I don’t change everything from one meal to another.)  

tablescapeAlready, the tulips had been replaced with beautiful orange roses and candles.  Playing off the slight orange in the runner had appeal to me last time around, so it was impossible not to take the contrast between the brilliant pinks and orange a step further.

tablescapeWith all the color on the table, there was little need to add more so white plates were in order. A white napkin, however, was a bit dead so one repeating  the colors in the charger provided a just right touch.

napkinsThe napkin fold, a simple triangle, is held in place with cute little wooden dragonflies. I’m not sure what their real purpose is, but they are a fun alternative to napkin rings.

tablescapeOnce again I can’t resist using the textured pink glassware, this time adding a salad plate.  I do love these pieces, and they are a complement to so many tables.

tablescapeThe finishing touch is multi colored flatware from Ross.  With just a few changes, a table takes on an entirely different look and is ready for the next meal in only a few minutes.

I’m trying a new recipe tonight, so keep your fingers crossed it turns out.  One thing’s for sure: the salmon will look very good on this table!

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Changing Things Around

Houston living room


Wouldn’t it be nice if every time we got a little tired of our surroundings we could just start over?  Well, I don’t know how it is for you, but for me that’s not a likely possibility.  Over the years, however, I’ve found it very easy to create new looks by changing things around.

Houston houseChange in the living room was accidental and began with these chairs that were in the breakfast room.  They are quite comfortable, but they have been replaced by a higher backed chair that is a little better suited to reading or watching TV.  Destination for the old ones was Craig’s List, but take a look.  

Houston houseThe upholstery repeats the colors in the rug and the pattern adds a spark of interest to the solids of the other furniture.  Certainly, that means they are worth keeping and I don’t really want to get rid of them.

Houston houseThe chairs would have been change enough, but once I got started rearranging I found it impossible not to move everything around.  The Philippe Stark piano chairs from the 70’s moved across the room,

Houston house and side tables were swapped or added from another room.

Houston houseMany accessories also found new spots.

Houston houseAbout the only thing that didn’t move was the painting which is perfect just where it is.



The message here?  When you want change, shop your house.  It is surprising what a fresh look can be created by rearranging.  If I were going to add something new, however, I’d look right here.

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Easy Does It

tablescapeIt’s easy to prepare a table when a beautiful woven silk runner and tulips left from Valentine’s are already there to inspire.

tablescapeLooking in the cupboard for dishes, the fake Fiesta ones offered the most possibility.

tablescapeThe lavender was an obvious choice, but looking again at the runner I saw hints of orange in the stripes where color had merged to create a new tint.

tablescapeThat made the coral plate an interesting addition.

napkinsMixing patterns and textures is something I enjoy, so the multicolored/patterned napkins from Anthropologie were an easy choice.  That store is such a great place to find fun accents and sometimes there’s even something special on the sale rack!

tablescapeI love using these textured pink glasses at every opportunity.  There’s no telling how old they are as they once belonged to my very good friend’s grandmother who would be well past 100.  Needless to say, they are very special treasures. 

bellsFinally, just for fun I added a little bell to each place.  I have such a collection , and I like finding ways to get them off display shelves. 

tablescapeSimple though it is, the table has what for me makes a happy table: color, texture, pattern, whimsy.  Now, if I can just decide what to fix for dinner all will be well!  Any ideas?

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A Different Pancake

Rockport Harbor/winterOver the years I’ve shared with you photos of Rockport Harbor in winter.  

Rockport Harbor/winterMy visits there during the cold season are just long enough to see ice gathered at the mouth of the harbor

Rockport Harbor/winterand ice floes finding their way out to Penobscot Bay. 

Rockport Harbor - sea smoke 508 MASTER

Courtesy of Peter Ralston

There is the occasional fascinating sea smoke

Rockport Harbor/winterand gulls and ducks holding conventions on the ice.

Courtesy of Mark Van Baalen

Courtesy of Mark Van Baalen

Never, however, have I seen anything like this.  As explained by my friend Mark who sent the photo today, this is “pancake ice” which occurs on the ocean when it gets really cold as it has been now for days. The formations are caused by the gentle rocking of the waves which agitates slush and forms rounded blobs with upturned edges.  He explains that this kind of action is far more common in the Arctic than in Rockport Harbor.

Isn’t it fascinating what nature can do?  As interesting as this sight must be, I think I’d rather be in the warmer climes of Houston!  I am grateful to Mark though for sharing this most interesting information.

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Just in Case

It didn’t take me too many years to figure out that Valentine’s wasn’t something the hubby thought about in advance which generally meant a last minute invite to dinner.  Now you’d think that in a city the size of Houston it wouldn’t be a problem finding a place to eat.  Not so!  On Valentine’s every place is full with the possible exception of McDonald’s, Burger King or Wendy’s, none of which provide the kind of nice romantic evening a girl anticipates.

Rather than go through the hassle year after year, it seemed a good idea to have  Plan B, an evening at home to relieve the stress on both the hubby and me.  That has now evolved to including another couple whose experience is much the same as ours, and the result is a most enjoyable evening of good food with good friends. 

Linda  042From year to year, the table has subtle changes.  This time around it began with red placemats crocheted by my mother in law, a great reminder of the mom the hubby loved so well.

Linda  051 (1)Next are added simple white plates, a find at TJ Maxx, and white napkins knotted and fluffed to resemble a bow.

ValentineWhite is a perfect background for the heart shaped plates and bowls purchased years ago on sale at Williams Sonoma.  Sometimes I think about getting new pieces, but there’s something about pulling out the old stand bys that generates a feeling of tradition.

tablescapeThe grocery had a wonderful selection of flowers today which inspired  me to put a little vase at each place.

tablescapeIt’s that kind of touch that for me makes setting a table something special.

tablescapeThe place settings were complete, but I had given no thought to a centerpiece.  As I was scratching my head trying to come up with something I remembered the wonderful paper lampshades given me by my friend Leslie.    Getting them to stay put on the glasses was a bit of a challenge until I thought to turn the glasses upside down.  Perfect!  I put an LED candle on each stem so when it came time for dinner there would be a soft glow on the table and no flame to catch the paper on fire!

tablescapeAll done I’m prepared for a Valentine’s dinner just in case the hubby has forgotten to make other arrangements.  If he has, well, the table is set for another time.

Linda  054For him and for you, here’s a heartfelt wish for a day filled with love.

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French + Country

French/farmhouse decorThough she is now living the country life, my daughter’s home still reflects her love for all things French.

French/farmhouse decorShelves are lined with beautifully bound books, old and new.

French/farmhouse decorPackets of old letters are on desk tops.

French/farmhouse decorWood finishes have been transformed to better fit the decor.  Interestingly, I bought this piece in a Tennessee antique store some years ago, hauled it to Texas and here it is back in Tennessee.

French/farmhouse decorArmoires hold loved treasures as well as provide much needed storage.

French/farmhouse decorNow, however, there are new farmhouse touches that blend right in.  Chandeliers reflect a combination of style

French/farmhouse styleas does a zinc topped farm table  paired with linen covered chairs and a rustic bench.

French/farmhouse decorA fun find perfect for both styles is this rustic shelf from Target.  Amazing what can be found there!

French/farmhouse decorAlongside a basket filled with French linens are reminders that life has moved from Texas to Tennessee.

French/farmhouse decorThe same can be said for farm fresh eggs on the counter.  You wouldn’t have found those in Houston!

Linda  066While inside French meets country quite comfortably, one thing that is totally country is the muddy boots outside every door.

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