Meeting the Chickens

IMG_9284A friend very excited about her newly acquired chickens couldn’t wait to show them off.

I must say her feathered friends are being treated royally and claim as home a specially built coop.

IMG_9278I didn’t catch it at first, but check out the name.  That is so my friend!

As entertaining as her new beauties were, it was impossible not to let the eye be distracted by the drama of nature that was all around.

Every growing thing looked like it was on steroids which was attributed to fish emulsion.  I’m thinking that is a must for next year’s garden.

 Complementing nature’s bounty was the magic of the fog wafting in from the water.

Its quiet presence is a thing of wonder,

to say nothing about how its veiled mystery enhances color.

At every turn there were breathtaking vignettes with an astounding variety of color and texture.  Remembering that a short time ago there was nothing more than grass between the house and the shore makes all this bounty even more remarkable.

I think you will agree that it would be very easy to spend hours right here listening to the sound of the sea, watching the fog come and go, experiencing the quiet beauty of nature and keeping company with the chickens that are sure to come calling.


Gardens Galore

Fog: A Sure Thing

When you live on the coast of Maine, fog is a sure thing.  It may last for only a few hours or for a day.  Rarely does it linger longer, but it can which means staying inside and getting caught up on neglected chores or reading or working a jigsaw puzzle.

Here on Rockport Harbor, it is interesting to watch the fog’s journey.  Today it is creeping in from Penobscot Bay on little cat feet.

Left behind is a sky so blue that it makes the contrast between clear and mist even more dramatic.As the fog makes its way into the harbor, it begins to wrap the trees along the shore in a transparent veil.

It slinks above the boats rocking gently on their moorings

and makes its way to the head of the harbor where it outlines the vessels tied at the pier.

Gradually, the fog thickens hiding all hints of blue sky and shrouding everything in its path.

As I stand and watch the fog blanket the harbor,  all but that which is a few feet away becomes invisible. Whether it is here to stay or to disappear  soon only time will tell.  For now, it is intriguing to follow fog’s journey which makes me again marvel at nature’s mysterious ways.

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Dishing It & Digging It


Garden Beauty

sep-cruise_080908_1497Folks in Maine like their gardens, and from early summer through mid fall the landscape is dotted with color that my daughter describes as brave and outspoken.  Sometime during this period I enjoy going to Northeast Harbor to visit Asticou Azalea Garden.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s a treat to begin the adventure with lunch at the historic Asticou Hotel.

img_7377No lunch there would be complete without a popover, a trademark here and at the Jordan Pond restaurant in nearby Acadia National Park.

img_7360Lunch over, it’s a few steps to the garden which is as peaceful as the sign suggests it should be.

img_7359This time of year there are no azalea or rhododendron blooms. Rather there are layers of calming green textures and the beginning of fall color.

img_7364Listening in the quiet, I could hear the soft trickle of water passing beneath the lily pads, a few of which still wore their flower.

img_7361This day there was a light blanket of fog which created an air of mystery and contributed to the garden’s tranquility.  On a sun filled day, there is an entirely different energy here.

img_7369Other than a half dozen people the only visitor was a bee sipping nectar from one of the few remaining flowers.

img_7373Moving through this beautiful garden was like a walking meditation and for a few moments it was possible to just be.  That’s a special gift.

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Wow Us Wednesday

Simple Things

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it comes to boating destinations, there are some places I never tire of.  One is Perry Creek, a peaceful inlet on Vinalhaven that is a favorite for our overnight get aways.

Perry CreekI love the quiet of the tree lined banks, 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe drama of a setting sun,

Perry Creekthe beauty of moonlight on the water

Perry Creek, fogand fog drenched mornings.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes we are lucky enough to be the only boat in Perry Creek, but that doesn’t mean we are all alone.  No, we have for company a couple whose floating summer home is  eye candy.  Can you think of a place where plants could be happier?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASmall it may be, but there’s everything one could need for a simple life.  There’s no question these folks have got that figured out.  You know, there’s something to be said about keeping our needs to a minimum and focusing on what is all around.

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No Such Thing As A Bad Day

To quote a friend, “There’s no such thing as a bad day. Some days are just better than others.”

MaineMaineMaineMaineThe first day of our most recent boat trip with kids aboard started out great with clear blue skies and beautiful scenery all around.

Little Cranberry, MaineOur destination was Roque Island, Down East about 4 hours from Rockport.  Along the way, there are some places to explore.  First stop was Little Cranberry Island, one of the few Maine islands with a year round population and a favorite place to stop for a dockside hamburger.  Today, the restaurant was closed which may have been a signal for what was to come.

Little Cranberry, MaineWe did find a bite to eat, however, at a roadside tent up the road from the dock which had just what was advertised.

Mud Hole, MaineNext stop was Mud Hole, appropriately named because the bottom is totally mud and at low tide access to and from the island is a bit challenging, another sign that all might not go well on this voyage.

Mud Hole, MaineAll was not lost here because the girls and I found what we called mussel heaven.   That night, steamed and served with pasta, they made a delicious impromptu dinner that might be called from sea to table.

Roque Island, MaineLate afternoon, we arrived at Roque Island, known for its mile of sandy beach, something not generally found in Maine.

Roque Island, MaineBeing there, anchored in the midst of beautiful surroundings made it possible to think you were the only persons in the universe.

Roque Island, MaineLater, as the sun set

Roque Island, Maineand the moon rose you could not help but be grateful for the  incredible gifts God has given us.

Roque Island, MaineTired and happy, we bunked down having no idea that when we awoke this is what we’d see.  The fog was so dense it definitely fell into the category of pea soup.  Our boat is equipped with the latest radar and navigation systems so we decided to head back to Rockport rather than wait for the fog to lift as that possibility didn’t seen too promising.    Boating in thick fog is not my favorite thing to do, but thankfully, the hubby is an accomplished navigator and boat person.

Fog, MaineMay I tell you that the fog never lifted, and to make matters worse, the hubby noticed the batteries weren’t charging as they should.  He said nothing, but when we made an unexpected stop at the Hinckley yard in Southwest Harbor, I knew something was wrong.

SW Harbor, MaineDown came the mechanic on duty, and after 3 1/2 hours of testing, it was determined that the alternator was bad.  I can assure you that by now, everyone was getting a little testy as we were cold and wet and the kids who were here were thinking this wasn’t why they came to Maine.  Who can blame them?

Indian Island, fogIn any case, a temporary fix allowed us to get back to Rockport Harbor where for the first time that day we could see beyond our nose.  Indian Island, which always welcomes me home, never looked so good.

There may be no such thing as a bad day, but I can assure you some are definitely better than others!  That is particularly true when you are a boater.

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